Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye makeup application for the smokey eye look; step by step smokey eye how to makeup.

The Smokey eye is very popular and very easy to do. A few simple tricks and you too can be up with the hit trend of the Smokey eye.

Smokey eye confuses a lot of people even though it is an easy look to do. People always think of dark, dramatic colors when they hear smokey. Although the look can definitely be dramatic, it is not necessarily dark. Smokey eye is actually about how you place the eye colors, not the colors you choose.

You will need three eye colors: a highlight, mid-tone and a contour. The highlight color is a light fleshy color, usually a shimmer. Your mid-tone is almost always a matte and should be a shade or two darker then your natural skin tone. The contour color can be matte or shimmer. I prefer a matte for the Smokey eye look. Most often the color will be a dark brown or grey but a pretty green or purple can look awesome.

So how do you achieve a Smokey eye? Three simple steps.

  1. Apply the highlight shadow to the brow bone and to the duct of the eye.
  2. Next apply a mid-tone from lash line to crease, blend where it meets the highlight.
  3. Then apply the contour color starting at the lash line and blend it up towards the crease so it blends with the mid-tone. It should look like it softly fades from light to dark. Smudge the contour color along the bottom lash line as well.
Finish the look by applying eyeliner to the top and bottom lash line. Add your favorite mascara and you are set!

: This is a great look for everyone unless you have small eyes and/or deep set eyes. It won't help your eyes stand out. For you, stick with the basic eye makeup application!

Originally published April 14, 2006 by Suite101.  

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