Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Apply Eye Makeup

How to put on eye makeup: basic eye makeup application that works for everyone's eye shape

Every one has different shape of eyes, some of us have 'bedroom eyes' while others may have more prominent eyes. This basic eye makeup application will work for everyone.
Follow the steps below for a beautiful yet basic eye makeup application. It takes three eye shadows in colors that compliment your skin tone and eye color to shape your eye. The following is basic and will work for everyone.
  • First apply your highlight color to your brow bone and the lid. This color is usually shimmery. Apply just a dab to the duct of the eye. This will help wake you up and draw more attention to your eyes.
  • Second, use an eye crease brush and start on the outer corner of the eye and sweep the mid tone into the crease of the eye. Go back in a circular motion to blend with the highlight color. This shadow is almost always a matte and should be a shade or two darker then your skin tone.
  • Next, apply the contour color by starting on the outer corner again and go along the lash line, about two-thirds of the way. Then go back up and into the crease and blend with the mid tone. It should look like a side ways V but very well blended. Finish by sweeping across the bottom lashes for a nice neutral look.
End with an eye liner along the top lashes and mascara and you are ready to go! See, I told you it was basic!

Originally published on April 9, 2006 by Suite101.

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