Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Applying Lipstick

Achieve perfect pouty lips with lip care, lip liner, concealer, lipstick and lip gloss.

What woman doesn't want perfect pouty lips? Just a few tips will give you the ultimate kissable lips.

There is nothing that will add to a woman's appearance like the perfect pouty lip. It is one of the most sensual features of a woman. Why do you think Angelina Jolie is so popular? Well here is your six simple tips to make the ultimate beauty statement, perfect lips!
  1. Exfoliate No matter what the weather is outside, we still have problems with dry chapped lips. Some companies have a lip exfoliator or a lip mask that buff away dead skin. You can also put a small amount of pertroleum jelly on your lips and buff with a dry wash cloth. This is a must step, no one wants to kiss dry chapped lips!
  2. Moisturize Now that you have exfoliated you need to help prevent the dryness from coming back. Again petroleum jelly will work for this step, but a lot of companies have a great lip balm. As we age, some women will have a problem with lipstick bleeding and feathering so look for a balm that will prevent that as well.
  3. Line The best way to define your lips is with a lip liner. Match your liner with your lipstick for the best look. Fill in your lip with your lip liner as well. You do not want to be the woman in the restaurant with her lips still perfectly line after she eats! If your lips are on the small side, you can line just outside of your lips to enhance your look.
  4. Highlight Next with a small brush, take a very light concealer and dab a little dot in the center of your lips, blend with your finger.
  5. Color Using a lip brush, apply your favorite lipstick. A lip brush will take some practice but it is the best way to blend your lipliner with your lipstick. Once you get it, you will never go back!
  6. Gloss For ultimate plumping, add a light sheer color gloss to the center of your bottom lip. Your partner will not be able to resist you...and that's a promise!

Originally published February 27, 2006 with Suite101.  

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